Saturday, June 7, 2014

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child molestor shoaib akhtar

shoaib to marry a 17 yr old girl, more than half his age

i never knew shoiab is still unmarried,

what is the legal age for girl to marry, is it 16?

she may not understand what is marriage, she will ask shoiab for dolls, and shoiab will ask for other things

he is nothing but a steriod man, had faked diabetes to take insulin injections to have xcessive energy during balling.
insulin is used as steriods in body building and shoaib used it in cricket

you must wonder why all pakistani bowlers have diabiates, akram,waqar and shoaib, they faked it so that they can take insulin and bowl very fast

drug addicts are getting lot of fame, u see rahul mahajan he also married a girl half his age

this cannot be marriage, marriage means both are equal, it is exploitation

shoiab uncle

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what exercises narendra modi must be doing

Glad to see obama doing workout

what work out our politican must be doing,

keeping healthy is key, since healthy brains needs healthy body, and healthy brain is required at the top, to make key decisions, which affects us all

see in the past we had very old politicans at the top post, like arjun singh, ruined up the education system introduced more reservation. and the v.p singh, he was a cancer patient, ruined again the education system by introducing mandal commission

i guess these people were very sick, and were not thinking straight and there decisions were damaging

Raj thakeray
he is 45+, but still looks very young..needs to be admired, u see guys in early 30s look like uncles, with big belly

narendra modi did lot of hard work during elections, but still was in good health, he must be having his secret

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