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Best Ice Hotels Of The world | You Should Visit Atleast Once In Life

Every season, the Snowcastle is rebuilt with a different architectural design and theme.  This has been occurring for over twenty years.  A destination for an unforgettable vacation, this castle also performs marriage ceremonies.  With 21 rooms, the castle is a beauty to explore and learn of Finland’s culture through the ice artwork and sculptures. 

Riding the cable car up the mountain, you are provided with a breathtaking view of Slovenia.  After hopping off of the cable car, you take a snowshoe hike to reach your destination.  Upon arriving at Eskimska Vas, you are greeted by mystical architecture, as well as their house drink.  Once you have settled yourself into your igloo, you can partake in their many activities (downhill snowbiking, snowtubing, sledding, etc.).

Traveling to this village on a snowmobile sets the entire experience.  One opportunity follows another, and you are on a wild ride.  From dogsledding to harnessing and steering your own reindeer, ice karting (driving a go kart on ice), and experiencing a traditional Lappish ceremony.  While the Snow Village offers log-cabins to rest in, the igloos offer the complete winter experience.

From the walls to the furniture to the decorations, this hotel is made wholly out of ice and snow.  Locally supplied, the good and drinks are found in the surrounding nature.  A main attraction to this hotel is the ability to pet the reindeer.  Hearing stories about Santa Claus’ delivery helpers, children become incredibly excited to see and meet the legends.  Along with the reindeer meeting, you can go on an arctic king crab fishing tour, a Northern Lights tour by way to dogsledding, and a cross-country skiing tour.

Upon arriving at this village, you are greeted with a signature cocktail and a smiling face.  While the appeal for an older crowd is prevalent (ice bars, DJ’s, dance floors, etc.), Snow Village provides an unique experience for the younger crowd.  The main attraction to this village is the ice slide.  Whether you are a young human or at a matured age, you will enjoy this wonder.

Would you like a glass igloo or a snow igloo?  Unlike other hotels and villages, Hotel Kakslauttanen offers its guest a choice.  The snow igloo keeps the guests visit peaceful and intimate, while the glass igloos allow the guests a stunning view of the Northern Lights and its surrounding nature.  Upon arriving you are presented with the opportunity to request a personal sculpture to decorate your igloo.

The only ice resort in Japan, Tomamu provides ice lodging that is built every year.  The structure is wholly made out of ice, and the temperature fluctuates between -3 to -5 degrees Celsius.  Not only does the hotel cover the ice tables and ice chairs in sheepskin, but they provide its guests with sheepskin clothing.  This apparel is a gift to be taken home when the visit is complete.

Part of the Bjorligard Hotel, the Ice Lodge is the largest ice hotel in Norway.  The hotel is placed in an altitude that allows it to run longer than any other.  Ornamented in Norway artwork and treasures, the Ice Lodge offers a genuine Norway culture experience.

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