Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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Strange Things Found Under The Earth To Archaelogist | Another Mystery of Nature

Yonaguni Monument 

This massive underwater structure can be found off the coast of Yonaguni, Japan. It has many edges at 90 degrees and is a topic of debate whether the site is natural or man-made.

Costa Rica's Stone Spheres 

Ranging from few centimeters to three meters in diameters, hundreds of granodiorite balls are scattered across Costa Rica and archaeologists have no idea why!

Stone Age Tunnels 

These caves are from the Stone Age and are all man-made. 
Wonder, how they build this with such limited resources!

The Unfinished Obelisk 

This unfinished obelisk was carved directly from bedrock after cracks appeared in the granite it was abandoned in.

The Voynich Manuscript 

This manuscript is full of writings and drawings. However, the language of the writing is still not understood and pictures of the plants are mysterious as well.


This area was found in Sindh, Pakistan and is one of the earliest major urban settlements in the world.

The Gate of the Sun 

This area is claimed to be the cradle of the first humans on Earth. It is located in Bolivia and is believed to represent astronomical and/or astrological significance.

The Mount Owen Moa Found in 1980s into the caves of Mount Owen in New Zealand, this claw is 3000-year-old claw of an upland moa, a flightless bird that is now extinct.



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