Monday, August 24, 2015

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Watch This News | You Will Get Tears In your Eyes, Why Peoples Don't #Fear While Doing This

The mass killing of dogs in Kerala, which has so far been denied by the Kerala Government, has today witnessed a huge massacre in Tana, Kannur. Forty dogs, including 1.5 month old puppies, have been killed using Potassium Cyanide, and their bodies piled up in a dug hole for burial. Some locals objected to the killings and caught FIVE KILLERS. The contract dog killers were handed over to the police. The head of the racket has also been caught red handed. A lady and her son who are eye witnesses of the killing have been badly manhandled in presence of the police. The police is neither taking the complaints nor filing FIR.
This time, it has even gone beyond killing dogs. It’s now about a lady’s dignity breached in presence of police, and yet, the police refuses to register complaint.
Photographs are shown below where the police van can be seen; the bikes are not carrying the number plates; the woman in white also protested and the one in green clothes got mobbed, when she tried to collect evidence and click pictures.

  While Watching And Reading This All We Have To Think Are We Living In country Which Gives Lessons of Humanity



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