Friday, August 28, 2015

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This Is What Happened To Pompeii City After Volcano Eruption | #Heart Touching Images

1700 years ago, residents of a prosperous Italian city called Pompeii were caught unawares when a heavy rain of molten ash and pumice as hot as 1300 degree Fahrenheit started pouring. A deadly volcano Mount Vesuvius had erupted striking the city with disaster. Those who couldn't escape choked to death and got buried inside a thick layer of ash. When the survivors came back looking for their belongings, they found that their city had been wiped off the face of the earth, as if it never existed. The entire city was submerged, as it was, under a 20 foot thick blanket of volcanic material.

It was later in 1748 that scientists, during an excavation, found the city sleeping intact in the lap of time. 

Pompeii City Found Under The Earth during an excavation

Vesuvius Volcano Which Destruct The Pompeii City , Scientist says Vesuvius Can erupt again any time in future so you can imagine that how peoples around this volcano mountain living in scary situation 



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