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Do You Know Who Was Amrita Sher-Gil ? And Why Google Dedicates Its Doodle To Amrita Sher-Gil ?

Nationality : Indian    Famous Indian Women
Born on : 30 January 1913 AD
Died At Age : 28
Born in : Budapest, Hungary
Died on : 05 December 1941 AD
place of death : Lahore
father : Umrao Singh Sher-Gil Majithia
mother :  Marie Antoniette Gottesmann

One of the most talented painters ever to have graced the Indian soil, Amrita Shergil was an artist beyond compare. Though she lived for just 28 short years, she left an indelible mark on the history of contemporary Indian art. She is often referred to as India’s Frida Kahlo, but the comparison doesn’t seem to do her justice—she was a wonderful artist in her own right, not someone who needed to be compared to another person for greatness. Born to an Indian Punjabi father, Amrita was by no means a typical Indian woman. Her mother was a Hungarian and Amrita was born in Budapest. She began painting by herself as a five year old and her parents arranged for her to have lessons later on after seeing her talents. When she grew up into a gifted teenager her mother took her to Europe to expose her daughter to various genres of paintings. However, it was only after coming back to India did Amrita realize her full potential. Her paintings were the perfect blend of Western and Indian techniques which gave them an exotic appeal combined with earthiness. 
  • She was born in Budapest, Hungary to Umrao Singh Shergil, a Sikh aristocrat and his Jewish Hungarian wife, Marie Antoniette Gottesmann. She had one younger sister, Indira.
  • Her family moved to Shimla, India in 1921 where the sisters began learning piano and violin. The talented girls even gave concerts. Amrita displayed an interest in painting from a young age and formally started learning when she was eight.
  • Amrita’s mother recognized her talents and took her to Italy in 1924 where she got her enrolled at Santa Annunziata, an art school. Here she got exposed to works of Italian art.
  • She also went to Paris to train as a painter and was at Ecole des Beaux-Arts from 1930 to 1934. Here she became acquainted with the works of European painters like Paul Cezanne and Paul Gauguin.
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    Here you’ll find 19 unusual uses for Vaseline, and why this year-old product needs to become part of your daily routine. From keeping your cuticles and elbows from drying out, to preventing crazy streaks when you get a spray tan, this product will change your life. Use it to mask split ends inbetween trims, and soothe your skin after shaving! Keep reading to discover all 19 unusual uses for Vaseline. You won’t believe how this product will change your beauty routine. 

    1. Soften dry or cracked elbows suffering from winter’s lack of moisture. 
    2. Struggle with your nail polish bottles? Put a little Vaseline under the cap and make your next mani/pedi a breeze! 

    3. Never get lipstick on your teeth again! Put a little Vaseline on your teeth and keep them pearly white. This is a technique often used by beauty contestants. 

    4. To prevent streaks if you are heading out for a spray tan, rub on the backs of ankles, knees and hands to stop those tan lines. Keep that glow going during winter months! 

    5. Make those eyelashes grow! Put a little Vaseline on your lashes at night, and watch them lengthen – no prescription necessary. 

    6. Maintain your perfume scent: if you rub a little Vaseline on your wrists and neck, it’ll help your perfume stick around. 

    7. Beat split ends between trims: rub a dab of Vaseline between your fingers, then touch up your ends. Be careful not to use too much! 

    8. Have a big interview tomorrow? Use some Vaseline to touch up your scuffed boots or heels, making them look good as new! 

    9. Prevent those embarrassing hair dye stains on your forehead: Softly dab all over your hairline and keep that box hair dye from dying your skin the color of your new ‘do. 

    10. Soothe dry skin after shaving. 

    11. Smear on your face and neck for softer skin! But be cautious if you have super sensitive skin. It does not clog pores, but you know your own skin better than anyone else. 

    12. Use as an exfoliant: just add some sea salt, and scrub away in the shower. You’ll come out feeling silky and refreshed!

    13. Do you ever struggle putting in your earrings? Use a little Vaseline and they should slide right in! 

    14. Make plucking your eyebrows easier by rubbing a little on the area to soften your skin. 

    15. Easily remove that sticky leftover glue from your false eyelashes with a touch of Vaseline. 

    16. Amp up your eye shadow or blush – turn them into creams by adding some Vaseline to the mix! 

    17. Take care of those cuticles: add a dab and rub in to keep them from drying out (especially during winter months!). 

    18. Have kissable lips! Use Vaseline as a balm, and even try adding some koolaid to make it a lip stain. 

    19. Easy makeup remover: use some Vaseline to take off last night’s make up, and be fresh faced and ready for the day!
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    Why We Have To Open Window Shades During Take-Off & Landing In Airplanes?

    First, it is very important to know that the most vulnerable time for a mishap in aircrafts is during landing and take-off. The cabin crew is given specific instructions to keep passengers safe. In case of an emergency, the crew has only 90 seconds to evacuate the people on board.

    So preparing for any kind of emergency before hand can help save vital time and those 90 seconds can be the difference between life & death.

    Same reason why they make only Able Bodied Persons (ABPs) sit next to emergency exits.

    Well, opening window shades during take-off & landing is also part of the standard emergency protocol and passengers are asked to do so majorly for the following reasons:

     If an emergency occurs during day time, with the shades up and cabin lights on, it will be easier for a passenger to adjust to the light outside while evacuating. A sudden change in light can cause temporary blurred vision. Same goes for night time, when shades are open but the cabin lights are dimmed.

    The crew can assess the situation outside and plan the evacuation accordingly, like which side to disembark from, because during emergencies, every second counts.

     In case something goes wrong on the outside, a passenger can also report it quickly. Like any damage to the wings or an engine catching fire.

     It is always good to have an extra pair of eyes, especially because passengers are also very cautious of the smallest details while flying.

    Open window shades can also help the emergency ground staff see inside the airplane.  

     Apart from the emergency process, it can also help passengers brace themselves during a bumpy landing.




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    Unspoken Car Etiquette Every Traveler Should Know

     1. The next time someone lends you their car, return the favour by filling up the fuel tank (even if you drove for just 2 kms).

    2. The most important person sits in the front passenger seat (shotgun).

    3. All subordinates, are expected to offer the "shotgun" to their seniors or kiss that appraisal goodbye.

    4. Anybody older to you goes in the front passenger seat.

    5. If you are pregnant or have really long legs you may choose to sit at the back.

     6. All kids go at the back (irritating ones can go to the boot).

    7. Couples are meant to stay together, for life and when inside the car (either 'pilot/co-pilot' or as guests at the back).

    8. When your friend's driving, it's rude to sit in the rear seat, unless you want to make him/her feel like a chauffeur.

    9. If you happen to own a limousine the privileged seat is the curbside back seat. That's where your egoistic boss goes.

     10. All juniors enjoying a ride in the limo should jump into the jump seats, sit in the middle or ride shotgun with the driver.

    11. The man is supposed to sit in front with the driver, so that the guest can enjoy his wife's company in the rear. I'm serious!

    12. If you're a man who has to pick up a lady in your chauffeur-driven car, you're supposed to hold the door open for her.

    13. If she starts opening the door herself, just assist her (by pulling the door and not her hand).

     14. If she doesn’t want you to help her with the door, don't.

    15. While getting out of a car, be nice and don't bang the door shut. There are other ways of venting your anger.

    16. When two men and two of their female colleagues are travelling together, the men are supposed to sit in the front while the ladies should hop in at the back. #Behind every successful man is a woman.

    17. Hold back that urge of smoking in another person's car. Ask for permission only if the owner is smoking.

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    Do You Have High Concentration? Then Stop This At 1337

    This Is Game OF High Concentration. In This Gif You Could See All number Running Very FAstly In Fraction Of Seconds But If You Have High Concentrated Mind You Can Stop It Whenever You Want. Just try It And Check Out How Much Attempts You Will Need To Stop This At Appropriate Position...
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    20 Amazing Health Tricks To Teach Your Body

    13. Stop A Nose Bleed
     See that small dent below your nose? Stick some cotton in your upper gums in that location. “Pressing here helps stop them. Most bleeds come from the front of the septum, the cartilage wall that divides the nose,” says Peter Desmarais, M.D., an ear, nose, and throat specialist at Entabeni Hospital, in Durban, South Africa.

    14. Make Your Heart Stand Still
    If you really want to put your jitters to rest, blow on your thumb. The vagus nerve governs your heart rate and you can control it through breathing and it can get the heart rate back to normal.

    15. Thaw Your Brain Freeze
    Brain freeze is a drag but you can gain relief by pressing your tongue flat against the roof of you mouth. Try to cover as much as you can and apply pressure as the more pressure, the faster relief will come. “Since the nerves in the roof of your mouth get extremely cold, your body thinks your brain is freezing, too. In compensating, it overheats, causing an ice­cream headache.” says Abo

    16. Prevent Near-Sightedness
    Optometrist Anne Barer says this about the cause of near­sightedness: “It’s usually caused by nearpoint stress.” Like staring at your computer for long periods. Every few hours you should close your eyes, tense your body, take a deep breath, then after a few seconds release your breath and your muscle tension. Flexing and releasing other muscles such as bi’s and glutes can trick involuntary eye muscles into relaxing.

    17. Wake Up a Limb That Fell Asleep
    We’ve all had our foot or hand fall asleep on us and you are totally stuck until it wakes up! So what you do is rock your head from side to side. It makes the pins and needles feeling go away and it will occur in less than a minute. Loosening the neck muscles releases the compressed nerve situation.

    18. Impress Your Friends Here’s a party trick. Have someone hold one arm straight out to the side. The palms should be dow. Now tell him to hold that position. Place two fingers on his wrist and push down. He will try to resist and succeed. Have him put a foot on a surface a few inches higher, such as on a few magazines on the ground, then repeat this. He will fail at resisting this time. Turns out your brain will sense that the spine is vulnerable, thus shutting down the body’s ability to be able to resist since you are misaligning the hip

    19. Breathe Underwater
    If you need to breathe underwater take a bunch of short breathes first, basically hyperventilating. It’s the buildup of carbon dioxide that makes you desperate for breath when underwater. The carbon dioxide makes your blood acidic causing red flags to go off in your brain that something is not right. This trick will fool your brain into thinking it has more oxygen and can buy you an extra 10 seconds underwater

    20. Encode Long-Term Memory
    Before giving that speech make sure to review it before falling asleep the night prior. Memory consolidation occurs during sleep so whatever you read right before bed will be the most likely to be encoded into long­term memory.
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    20 Amazing Health Tricks To Teach Your Body....

    A sore throat or a headache, no matter what your ailment, you can put these to use which actually fool your body into achieving your desired pain-free, urge-free, annoyance-free outcome! Check these out.
    Do you need to overcome the urge to urinate? Perhaps you need to stop that nasty ice cream induced brain freeze? Whatever the case these solutions can work wonders for immediate relief.

    1. Cure a Tickling Throat 
    Instead of trying to scratch your throat, try scratching your ear. “When the nerves in the ear are stimulated, it creates a reflex in the throat that can cause a muscle spasm. This spasm relieves the tickle,” says Scott Schaffer, M.D., president of an ear, nose, and throat specialty center in Gibbsboro, New Jerse

    2. Experience Supersonic Hearing
    If you’ve ever been chatting someone up and they are they are the type with a soft spoken voice, you know how frustrating it is to hear what they are saying. Turns out if you lean in with your right ear, you’ll hear more than if you chose your left. The right is better for picking up voices, while the left can actually be more effective for picking up musical tones. So if it’s a person, lean right. If you’re trying to identify a song, lean left!

    3. Calm Yourself With Cold Water
    If you feel nervous, give yourself a deep breath then splash cold water on your face. This mimics the effect of diving into the water. It allows you to use oxygen more efficiently. The colder the water and you holding your breath gives the body more of a simulation of diving into cold water.

    4. Overcome Your Most Primal Urge To Pee 
    If you need to piss and there is no bathroom to be found, then it’s time to get turned on. That is, think about sex or any fantasies you have that will arouse you. This in turn arouses the brain and will preoccupy it from the discomfort of having the urge to pee. 

    5. Feel No Pain While Giving Blood 
    Donating blood is a good thing. The pain that goes along with it, not so good. Turns out some German researches realized that coughing during the needle prick can lessen pain. It causes a sudden, yet temporary rise in chest pressure and in the spinal canal which inhibits the painconducting structures of the spinal cord. 

    6. Swallow Your Horse-Sized Supplements 
    You have a lot of supplements to take and you don’t feel like going through each single one and popping in your mouth. For taking more than one at a time, apparently you take a drink of water, tilt the head forward, not back, and then the capsules should float and will naturally sit at the back of your throat, all ready and in position to swallow.

    7. Clear Your Stuffed Nose 
    Skip the cold pills and nasty tasting potions. Thrust your tongue against the roof of your mouth, then press between your eyebrows with one finger. The vomer bone runs through the nasal passages to the mouth and it will rock back and forth, loosening congestion. About 20 seconds of this, you begin to feel your sinuses draining. 

    8. Fight Acid Reflux By Sleeping Position
    Sleeping on your left side has shown a less likely occurrence of acid reflux suffering. What happens is the esophagus and stomach connect at an angle, and when you sleep on the right, your stomach sits higher than the esophagus, which then allows food and stomach acid to slide up your throat. When on the left, the stomach will be lower than the esophagus and you won’t experience this.

     9. Cure Your Toothache

    Ice on the back of your hand, between your thumb and index finger (the V­shaped webbed part). Canada did a study that found this technique to be effective for reducing toothache pain by as much as 50 percent, compared to using no ice. It seems the nerve pathways that are at the base of the “V” will stimulate the area of the brain that blocks pain signals from the face and the hands.

    10. Make Burns Disappear
    We’ve all had those finger burns. Apply light pressure with the pads of your finger of the other hand. While ice will relieve the pain quicker, this technique brings burned skin to normal temps, thus making it less likely that your skin will blister

    11. Stop the World from Spinning
    If you feel dizzy, then here’s a remedy. Place your hand on something stable. The cupula is a part of the ear which is responsible for balance. It floats in a fluid which has the same density as blood. Dr. Schaffer states: “As alcohol dilutes blood in the cupula, the cupula becomes less dense and rises.” Basically, this will confuse the brain, by giving it a second opinion once you find stability. The nerves in the hand are sensitive, thus it works better grabbing or placing your hand on something rather than foot­ on ­floor technique

    12. Unstitch Your Side
    While running most people will exhale when their right foot hits the ground. This in turn puts pressure on your liver which is on the right side and the diaphragm gets tugged creating a side stitch. So exhaling when your left foot comes down is more ideal. 
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    Scientists Are Learning To Record Your Dreams & Play Them Back To You

     Are you one of those people who has trouble remembering their dreams? I know some people who swear they don’t dream at all because they are never able to recall any details about the previous night’s adventures in the mind (though of course, this is impossible). Now, Japanese scientists have done the unthinkable in a project which sounds straight out of a sci-fi movie —  they have learned how to record your dreams by measuring your brain activity while you sleep.
    The data that is collected can then be plugged into an algorithm that is capable of reconstructing your dream so that it can actually be played back for you when you’re awake. Basically, these scientists have invented a dream reading machine; once this technology is perfected you may never have to worry about forgetting your dreams again, because you can simply play them back to yourself when you wake up in the morning. Incredible.

    The Science

    This amazing breakthrough is possible thanks to a fairly straightforward idea — when we visualize various objects in our minds, our brains generate neural patterns that can be linked to what we are visualizing. If you are imagining a house, for example, your brain generates a pattern that shows up every time the house is visualized. An algorithm can then be utilized that ties the data from a brain scan to the applicable correlated images. And just like that, the images in your brain can be reconstructed.
    Keep in mind that this research is still in progress and is fairly rudimentary. So far, researchers have claimed to correctly interpret the dream about 60% of the time, which is still a pretty big deal when you consider that this is even possible at all.

    The Study

    Participants in the study were asked to hook themselves up to an electroencephalography (EEG) machine, then to fall asleep inside an fMRI machine. Scientists then used the EEG readings to determine when the participants began to enter the dreaming phase of sleep. They were then abruptly woken up and asked to recall what they were dreaming about; this process was repeated about 200 times for each participant.
    Scientists then condensed this data and found that certain common types of objects from the dreams of the participants could be connected with brain patterns that were recorded by the fMRI scans. Then, using an Internet search, they looked for images that roughly matched the objects that were seen in the dreams of the participants. This information was then entered into a learning algorithm that was able to refine this model even further. Amazingly, this algorithm was then able to utilize the data recorded from the participants’ fMRI scans to assemble videos from the images found on the Internet, basically creating a movie for each dream.
    While this new technology is far from perfected, over time it will improve as the algorithm continues to learn. This research could finally lead to a discovery on interpreting and understanding dreams, and perhaps provide some answers about why it is we dream in the first place.
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    Go To School, Get A Job & Fit Into ‘The System’: Animated Video On The Madness Of Our World

    We live in a world where everyone is always trying to keep it together. Our appearance, attitudes, bank accounts, and lifestyles are massive factors in how society views us. We are constantly pressured to be “on,” leaving little to no room to fall apart. Family, friends, and jobs are always relying on us, making the pressures to perform incredibly high.
    As we’ve all experienced, life is not simply made up of a bunch of highs. The lows come roaring in sometimes when you least expect it. Life doesn’t allow us time to deal with troubles, physically, mentally, or emotionally, leaving us frantic as we try to put the puzzle pieces back together.
    But can you imagine if we were “allowed” to break down? What if we lost control and everyone around us let it happen? We might find resolve much sooner, since, in real life, we find ourselves pushing away the inevitable, as the storm slowly accumulates inside until it hits you that much harder in the face later on.

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    7 Haunted Hotels In India And The Spooky Stories Behind Them

     Brij Raj Bhavan Palace, Kota

    A fort turned into a heritage hotel about 4 decades ago, the Brij Raj Bhavan is believed to house a supernatural guest at night. Major Charles Burton, an employee of the British government, lived here with his family for 13 years. During the Sepoy mutiny of 1857, he was abandoned by his men and he was killed along with his family in the central hall of the building. Apparently, even the Queen of Kota has spoken to journalists claiming to have seen the ghost of dead major Burton roaming the halls of the palace.

     Hotel Savoy, Mussoorie

    Built in 1902, it's story dates back to the year 1910 when Lady Garnet Orme was found dead under mysterious circumstances. It is believed that the hotel’s corridors and halls are haunted; hardly surprising if you know that this establishment inspired Agatha Christie's first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1920). Guests have noticed several inexplicable activities and a lady’s whispers have been recorded by the Indian Paranormal Society.


    Hotel Fernhills Palace, Ooty

    Built in 1844, it was during the shooting of Bollywood horror thriller Raaz that this haunting took to fame. The story goes that one night on the shoot, choreographer Saroj Khan and a few dancers were awoken by a racket of what sounded like furniture being moved around in the room above them. They tried calling reception but only got a dead line. The next morning, they complained at the reception only to have the receptionist escort them outside pointing upward to show there was no floor above. It is said that the hotel was once shut down due to incidents of haunting.

     Morgan House Tourist Lodge, Kalimpong

    Originally a residence to a British family, this building was abandoned by George Morgan after the death of his wife, Lady Morgan. Now a tourist lodge, guests often report that someone roams the halls of this establishment, making their presence felt. If the dilapidated state of the Morgan House was not scary enough, the stories of a scorned Mrs. Morgan before she died, and frequent claims of having heard her walking around in high heels will do the trick.

     Hotels around Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad 

    Claimed to have been built on the battlefield of the Nizam Sultans, the Ramoji Film City has several hotels in and around it that are the centre of incidents of supernatural activity. The area is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the deceased warriors. Spine-chilling stories of lights on top of the hotels falling off, and the light men at film shoots being pushed off. At the hotels here, plates of food left in empty rooms have been found scattered all over the place and writing resembling Urdu has been left on the mirrors.
     Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala 
    Though not a big and fancy hotel, several paranormal experts confirmed this as one of the top haunted hotels in the country. A room located in a corner behind reception area on the ground floor has been said to be chillingly spooky. Guests who stayed in those rooms have claimed that someone forcefully pulls off the bed sheets when they slept. Some guests felt a ray of blue light when they woke up in the middle of the night. With the increasing reports of such incidents, the hotel stopped renting out this particular room.

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    This 5 Organisation In India Forms Army To Fight Against INDIA. The Last Organisation In This List Will Make You Angry

    The Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) is a Naga nationalist Christian armed Terrorist outfit in NorthEast India, group operating mainly in Northeast India, The motto of the organisation is to establish a sovereign state, called “Nagalim”, or better known as ‘Nagaland for Christ’. They hate India and all Indian

    It’s a banned Terrorist outfit in India that has a cadre of many thousands Terrorists well armed in the name of Jesus Christ, they have killed hundreds of people in North east India, in last 20 years. They have Heavy Machine guns, Ak­47s, bombs, grenades and rocket launchers and Religious Fanatic youth out there to kill or convert any non Christians in North east India.

    All Parties Hurriyat Conference  

     (APHC) an alliance of multiple separatist political parties based in Jammu & Kashmir, is a political outfit to propogate Kashmiri separatism. Indian Intelligence sources say, this organization provokes Kashmiri youth to pelt stones at Indian Army and create religious tension in Kashmir.


    The Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), a Kashmiri muslim organization founded in Birmingham, England on May 29, 1977. till 1994 it was a publicly known armed terrorist organization, however, they claim to be not engaged in terrorist organization. However, they reject the idea of Kashmir being a part of India. It led by Yasin Malik, who is a well known anti national, as in the pic above he is seen romancing with Hafiz Saeed, an international terrorist from Pakistan.

    Popular front of India (PFI) is a Muslim organization mainly located in Kerala, however, they operate in Karnataka and andhra pradesh too with atleast more than 80,000 members and millions of supporters from their community in India. They have formed a paramilitary cadre to fight against the so called ‘Hindutva agenda’ of India.

    Islamic research foundation an organization in Maharashtra led by well known self proclaimed intellectual called Zakir Naik, who has been often caught supporting terrorists like Afzal Guru and Osama Bin Laden. and he keeps offending people of all faiths by his acidic statements. Therefore, talking about this organization celebrating Republic day of India, is a joke you are cracking with yourself.


    So What Would You Say About This Anti National (Gaddar) People Who Are Shitting In Their Own Food Bowl.....

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