Saturday, January 30, 2016

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Unspoken Car Etiquette Every Traveler Should Know

 1. The next time someone lends you their car, return the favour by filling up the fuel tank (even if you drove for just 2 kms).

2. The most important person sits in the front passenger seat (shotgun).

3. All subordinates, are expected to offer the "shotgun" to their seniors or kiss that appraisal goodbye.

4. Anybody older to you goes in the front passenger seat.

5. If you are pregnant or have really long legs you may choose to sit at the back.

 6. All kids go at the back (irritating ones can go to the boot).

7. Couples are meant to stay together, for life and when inside the car (either 'pilot/co-pilot' or as guests at the back).

8. When your friend's driving, it's rude to sit in the rear seat, unless you want to make him/her feel like a chauffeur.

9. If you happen to own a limousine the privileged seat is the curbside back seat. That's where your egoistic boss goes.

 10. All juniors enjoying a ride in the limo should jump into the jump seats, sit in the middle or ride shotgun with the driver.

11. The man is supposed to sit in front with the driver, so that the guest can enjoy his wife's company in the rear. I'm serious!

12. If you're a man who has to pick up a lady in your chauffeur-driven car, you're supposed to hold the door open for her.

13. If she starts opening the door herself, just assist her (by pulling the door and not her hand).

 14. If she doesn’t want you to help her with the door, don't.

15. While getting out of a car, be nice and don't bang the door shut. There are other ways of venting your anger.

16. When two men and two of their female colleagues are travelling together, the men are supposed to sit in the front while the ladies should hop in at the back. #Behind every successful man is a woman.

17. Hold back that urge of smoking in another person's car. Ask for permission only if the owner is smoking.



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