Saturday, January 2, 2016

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Unbelievable Dog-Human Hybrids Exist, Check HERE How They Are Sold

Unbelievable, the hybrids just came in!
North America has its new interesting milestone in genetics and breeding. Welcome, human-dogs!

Elites are just bored of their plain pet lifestyle. They needed more. They wished for unique species.

Except this. That's why they're very curious to have these. Bateman just complied. It's all about money and lifestyle, as they call it.

Some animal welfare activists just did not like the thing
27-year-old Paul Cross strongly condemn this 'huge leap'. It appears scary and pathetic.

Good qualities of human-dogs
Bateman claimed that it has developed cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills. One could have someone to talk to and have a pet at the same time.

On human-dog's etiquette
The North American scientist have strong convictions that they can be trained as real humans.

Currently, they are for sale at $5,000,000 in London, Manchester, and in the United States of America.

Reservations and condemnation towards Human-dog
They are still illegal since they have non-disclosed biosafety issues. States in the America took steps in prohibiting them in their areas.

Human-Dogs are coming in your way soon!
Are you looking forward for it? Or does it sound negative to you?


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