Monday, December 16, 2013

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is bjp good

recent judgement by supreme court against gays, take us all back into 50s, times have changed now we have better understanding about them
criminalizing gays and putting them in jails and putting him in jail for life is taliban. and bjp is openly supporting SC judgement.
and thats a taliban , extremism, i disliked bjp becoz it is of upper caste hindus, old heads, refusing to change with modern times it shud have kept quiet on such matters, if bjp comes to power they might take us to time of ram rajya. no mobiles, no tvs, no pubs and only bow and arrow
bjp has to remove its old heads at top, who are really have iq of 50s
or else bjp wont be in power


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  1. You are saying gays are good, I do not object their existence and private life, what else they want? Do you think we should support them in them getting married each other and adopt the orphan kids in their gay-family? Doesn't it sounds mad? But this is exactly what they are insisting round the world.