Thursday, November 12, 2015

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Ariana Grande Shut Down Two Idiot Radio Hosts In The Best Way Possible

Ariana Grande was subjected to an interview with a couple of real idiots this week for a radio station I hope she never agrees to return to. The two bros interviewing her asked the lamest, most stereotypical questions that pretty much assumed she (as a woman in general) is an idiot and has nothing of any value to say. But GUESS WHAT.? Ariana schooled the two douche-bros and it is everything. 

DJ: If you could use makeup or your phone one last time, which one would you pick?
Grande: Is this what you think girls have trouble choosing between? Is this men assuming that that’s what girls would have to choose between?

DJ 1: Yes. Not a question.
DJ 2: Can you really go anywhere without your cell phone?
Grande: Yes.
DJ 2: How long can you go without looking at Twitter?
Grande: Many hours. Many hours. Absolutely.
DJ 2: I don’t believe it.
Grande: When I’m at a dinner table, I like to be present and talking, with eye contact.
DJ Honestly Who Cares: Listen and learn, ladies!
Grande: Boys, learn! Come on. Boys and girls. We can all learn.
I honestly am so mad listening to this and am shocked at how calmly she shut these two down. I would have pulled a Bieber and stormed out of there or pulled a Delevingne and sarcastic-bombed the hell out of them. 

Next, Tweedledee and Tweedledumber asked her another hard-hitting question: "What do you think of the new emojis..."
Grande: The unicorn is great, obviously.
DJ: Girls.
Grande: Boys. Many boys use the unicorn.
DJ: Well, boyeees.
Grande: You need a little brushing up on equality over here ... Who says a unicorn emoji isn’t for men? Come on.
DJ: Is it? I’ve never used the unicorn emoji.
DJ: I say no.
Grande: All right, I’ve changed my mind. I don’t wanna hang out at Power 106 anymore.
Yup. That needed to be said alright.

Finally they ask her a question that is remotely interesting, even if it is bland and vague: "If you could fix one problem in the world, what would it be?
Grande: I have a long list of things I’d like to change ... I think, judgement in general. Intolerance, meanness, double standards, misogyny, racism, sexism. You know, all that shit. There’s lots we’ve got to get started on. That’s what we need to focus on. We have work to do. We’ll start with you, though.
Indeed. These men need a crash course in women. Can you imagine dating a man who thinks that all you care about is your phone and emojis? Would any woman actually subject themselves to that? 



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