Saturday, March 5, 2016

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Teacher and Student Conversation

Teacher: Change this sentence into Future Tense, "I killed a person" 
Student: The Future tense is "You will go to a jail" 
Teacher: Did you make this poem yourself?? 
Student: Yes Sir ! 
Teacher: Nice to meet you, William Shakespeare 
Teacher: Which one is more important for us, Son or Moon? 
Student: Of course Moon Teacher: Why?? 
Students: The moon gives us light in night when we need it BUT the sun gives us light in day when we don't need it.. 
Teacher : What will you do after growing up? 
Student : Facebooking 
Teacher : No! I mean what will you Become?
 Student : Admin of Facebook pages 
Teacher : O My God! I Mean what will you Achieve when you grow up? 
Student : Facebook Admin Rights 
Teacher : Idiot! I Mean what will you do for you Parents ? 
Student : I create a page for them on FacebooK."I Luv Mom and Dad". 
Teacher : Stupid! What do you parents want from U? :
@ Student : My Facebook password. 
Teacher : Oh God!


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