Saturday, April 9, 2016

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Put Plastic Bottles And Get Free Water In Return : IIT Bombay’s Students New Innovation

We see a lot of plastic garbage around us, many times we get depressed thinking that where will this garbage end up in sea killing whales or circulates in our own life in a form of toxic. There are plastics that can be recycled but many times they also end up in landfills. Two final year IIT Bombay students have developed a temporary solution of this problem and that is giving incentive to people who are interested in recycling the plastic garbage. Anurag Meena and Satyendra Meena have developed a machine where you can put a used can or bottle and in return you will get 300ml of clean water. This will help in creating responsible communities in urban spaces. The machine is being build by Chandigarh-based start-up Trester and the idea is to get this into places like malls, cinema halls, railway stations or any place where footfalls are larges. At present, the initiative is being piloted in Chandigarh and Mumbai.

How it works The machine has a water storage capacity of eight litres and can dispense room temperature as well as cold water. The water is RO and UV treated. The machine has internet and bluetooth to enable usage and maintenance related notifications. It has recycling unit with a capacity of 2 litre, once compartment reaches 80 per cent of its storage capacity, an automated notification is sent to the machine administrator.

Cost and plans of the company While the basic version of the machine costs Rs 50,000, with add-ons the cost of the machine can go up to Rs 1 lakh. Currently, one such machine is being installed in the IIT Mumbai boys’ hostel. The company plans to manufacture 5,000 machines every month. The company is looking for funding as of now.


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