Monday, October 12, 2015

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8 luxurious Mirror Selfie...

This image has a classy feel to it with the wooden mirror looking like the perfect reflector to this gorgeous person. Even though this is a simple dress, it is carried very well by this young lady and it looks very classy. Perfect for a cool evening

The outfit is beautifully luxurious and the girl in this picture wears it with a smile. Its clearly clicked at a mall or a boutique since we see other clothes in the picture too 

This elevator selfie looks really good. Even though it is hard to tell if the picture is using filters like the ones we see on Instagram but it looks especially nice since the girl in this image carries it off very well.

 on our luxury dressing list. She looks stylish in  this black dress and women know that they can't go wrong with such an outfit. Plus she looks fit and fine.

She looks simply beautiful even in though this outfit is casual. She carries it off very well and its like the perfect pic from the restroom. Lets check number 2 on the list.

We are beginning this list with Kim K in this picture. She looks beautiful as always and this is the only celebrity picture in this list. All others are luxurious but less know faces. 


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