Friday, June 17, 2016

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Symbolic Images That Shows The Reality In The World

The world is a bizarre place where harsh realities run abound.
As much as we try to ignore them, here are some images by artists who would like to appeal to our subconscious mind.

The evolution of the modern man.

Standing up against dictatorships and authoritative powers

What really goes into making our world go round?What politicians say are not what they do.

Down with one tyrant, up with the next one.

We ape what we are taught. Right or wrong.

Empty vessels make the most noise.

What you can achieve by dedicating 1% of your time every day of the year.

The reality in nations like North Korea, where starvation is an everyday problem.

In a man's world, this is what some women have to go through to reach the top.

What happens to the handicapped?

How people are herded to vote for one particular party.

Governments trying to cover up the bad elements of society.

Can't find a pleasant way around it? Create one.

There's always something behind the mask.

We are so quick to judge a creative soul.

Even optimists tend to be judgmental.

Birds are losing their homes and their lives, all because of that small device in our pockets.



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