Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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Asaram bapu Tricked and Framed

media is fanning anti asaram bapu sentiments

so many rape charges and fake charges are imposed on him

1)i saw a sting operation, where reporter fakes to be NRI women, who not paid her taxes in her country, came to asaram sharan, and asked for shelter, and asaram granted her, then media started showing breaking news, that asaram gave sharan to a criminal and asked for money in favour

that video clip was shown again and again, but no where it was seen that asaram asked for money

2)asaram was accused of killing 2 school kids, again media blamed asaram for this deaths, it was shown again and again, later it was found out, that those 2 school boys were teasing one fat kid, jadya, jadya and that fat kid killed them by pushing there faces in two buckets full of water

3)iam not sure about these rape cases and potency test doesnt prove that he has raped,
consensual sex cannot be treated as rape, these women think that having sex with asaram is like having sex with god, something like that, they do it themselves, and later charging him of rape

i rarely watch news channels now so not fully aware of it, becoz they just tell lies and make small things appear too big

iam not asaram supporter, but iam making a point that media is hyping things, and framing people, making them look like monster, a small criminal showed as a Dracula

asram may have had sex with these women, but that doesnt make him rapist, becoz those women approached him for it, blind faith is to be blamed here

asaram is no god, he just sings and chants bhajans, kirtans and people love him for that, and some people consider him as god, which is just too much



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