Thursday, October 24, 2013

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Negativity Specialists.... Guys Decide Who The Winner is ?

Nominees for negativity awards

Rahul Gandhi
He Dont Have His Own Caliber But Want A Kingdom On The Name Of His Family and Always Wanted to Look Toward Thing By Negative Way.  His Party Ruled on country For About 60 years And They Cant Do development And This Fellow Want Development from Modi Government In Just 15 Months , LOL

Subramanian swamy:
another negative master, i have not seen saying him any good about any body, all he does in his whole life , is find faults in others, in what they are doing
terrible man

Arvind kejriwal
power hungry,  seems to be supported by congress. We Peoples Were Thought That He IS Good Person In Politics But Politics Is Far Away Better Than This Negative Person..

And now you guys decide who the winner is, don't forget to comment in the below



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