Tuesday, October 29, 2013

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candidate for pm

godhra riots were bad no doubt
but why focus only godhra riots, it happend becoz 100s of kar sevaks were burned alive and it was result of that, but no focus on kar sevaks burning, no mention of it, just godhra riots
100s of people were burned alive in the train, by pouring petrol,kerosene , one cannot burn a train easily, train is metal, steel, iron, it cannot be burned easily,  it was planned and neatly executed

it was said that people in godhra are very voilent type, kill people unnecessarily, they did many killings in the past before godhra kand, just like taliban in pakistan, they have no purpose in life, in the morning they wake up and start killings, kidnapping, extortion and so on, even pak police is scared to take action against them,

but modi should have  used police and arrest those criminals instead of allowing rioters hands free, which is suspected by the people,which was bad, even vajpayee asked him to control the situation

every 1 does mistakes , and it was a big mistake, but compared to papu, modi is better choice, he has a vision and he wants to do something, while papu is not willing to be pm, he is in dilema, whether to be or not to be pm, we have no right forcing him to be pm, PM is a post which should be hard earned, who is not intersted, should not be PM, he is young and should get married first and live a life. politics is head ache, no matter what you do, people will always blame you for everything, too much of a public life, which many wud not like,

India is a big country, there are so many willing candidates for PM post, even lalu is better choice, even though he may be corrupt, but still he is intelligent, we need intelligent people to control India, only intelligent people can take india forward, running a country is complex and only intelligent and willing people should be on the top post, its a huge public life, one has to live with peoples expectation, lot of work, no personal or private life,

i think top most choice for pm according to me is

2)Nitish kumar
4)priyanka gandhi



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