Monday, October 28, 2013

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choclate boy vs namo

it was expected, that if rahul gandhi was projected as PM candidate, then youth will support him, but no, youth is supporting namo, inspite him of being 60+

and bjp has made papu a laughable stuff, any time i hear pappu, i laugh and laugh
such a good joke, never heard of

papu is cute no doubt, girls love him, but they dont support him for pm

in america people have voted in past good looking people , then they realised they are not useful
and now they dont vote good looking people

here in india as well, govinda, nagma, sidhu, dharmendra were voted

but we all know how much waste these people were

especially govinda, and dharmendra
even sidhu is waste, since he is always there in comedy shows laughing, and in matches commentring
where is the time to look after his constituency

iam not sure that i will vote for namo, but he seems promising even muslims vote for him, even after projecting as dracula by media and congress

lets see who wins 2014



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