Thursday, December 17, 2015

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amazing fitness fanatic dangling above a Brazilian beach (but it's more of a tall story than abs-olutely terrifying!)

  • Pictures appear to show Luis Fernando Candela hanging upside down
  • Fitness fanatic claimed he used his abs to hold himself in the position
  • But tourists already flock to the Brazilian spot to take similar pictures
  • A plateau underneath the rock and clever cropping make it look more dangerous than it is 

  • These pictures might show a daredevil fitness fanatic working out his stomach muscles by dangling upside over a Brazilian beach with a 1,000ft drop.
    But it has now been revealed that hundreds of tourists making their way to the Pedra do Telegrafo beauty spot also take similar pictures, thanks to a trick of the camera.
    According to visitors to the area, although the stone where the bodybuilder appears to be hanging from is on a cliff edge, there is actually a plateau just below where people can stand.

    And thanks to clever cropping and taking the image at the right angle, people can appear to be hanging over the massive drop.
    Several pictures posted to social media before being edited or cropped show the ground just below their feet.

    The trick was revealed after images appeared to show Luis Fernando Candela hanging by his feet and using his abs to hold himself in position high above the beach.
    Candela, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was photographed by his girlfriend performing what he claimed as his 'most dangerous' stunt yet.

    The pictures appear to show Candela hanging from a cliff face with spectacular views of the Pedra Branca national park in the background.
    He said: 'This is by far the most dangerous stunt I've tried. The only thing that was keeping me up was my strength - all the weights I've tried in the gym were building up to this moment.
    'My girlfriend was terrified but I was determined to get the photo.'

    Candela said he had trained for years building up for this stunt and admits that it's not for the faint-hearted.
    He added: 'I'd recommend it to anyone, it's an amazing sense of achievement. You've got to know what you're doing though because if you fall you've had it - the drop is too much.
    'I've been doing it for years now and love it- you only get one life so you have to live it, there's no fun in being boring. The experience was amazing - terrifying, but amazing.'



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