Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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During Day Time He Begs To Pay His Fees And In Evening He Becomes Scholar Law Student In Class

He said people used to taunt him that being a young man he was begging and not trying to find work but the truth was that his hands did not work which was why he could not even be a laborer but his reason to live a better life is so strong that he found a way to achieve his goals rather than an Excuse.

Shiv Singh is a 48-year-old law student at the Rajasthan University. Till 3 in the afternoon, he begs at shops and houses in the region. As soon as the clock strikes 3, he can be spotted in the college campus carrying some books in an old, torn bag.

According to the college administration, he has never taken a leave. The day there is no class, he is found sitting and studying in the library hall. His teachers and fellow classmates say that it is hard to believe that Shiv Singh begs as he is always seen sincerely studying in the college.

Shiv Singh told that he too had a family and his parents paid for his studies even after working as laborers. He pursued his graduation from Government College in Gangapur City. Thereafter, he got married and had kids but could not get a job as his hands did not work. His wife and kids left him alone and he had no option left but to beg

He saw the advertisement for law college in the newspaper and filled in the form. He saved the money he begged from people to buy books. Shiv said all he wants is to complete his studies after which he will hopefully get a job in the court.



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