Saturday, May 28, 2016

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Women Who Dare: Slacklining 800+ meters above sea level in heels

She’s the female world record holder, the woman who survived a car accident to rediscover herself, her physical and mental limits and, in the process, break records.
Faith Dickey, a 26 year old down to earth Texan, might be badass but not without fears. The beautiful inside-out she-daredevil who slacklines 800+ meters above sea level with effortless grace, whether barefoot or with high heels, admits that heights do indeed get to her sometimes , ”The height definitely scares me sometimes.” Says the professional slackliner ”If I’m exposed to height often I can get used to it but after a month break I am scared all over again. It’s very disorienting to be so high up on a thin line”.
Extreme sports is a field that’s dominated by men more often than not, but here’s an interview with the girl who took the slacklining world by storm and made nothing stop her.



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